About Me


Working with seriously ill children, Irina Korotkow initially explored her artistic side as a means to relieve stress. She began using her art whilst working with the elderly with psychiatric illness, and assisting adolescents using expressive art in the hospital setting.

Irina won the prestigious NSW Senses prize in 2002, and since has exhibited in more than 18 group shows. Her works have been acquired for a number of private collections and have been included in a travelling exhibition.

After visiting to Europe to enrich and consolidate the discovery of family roots, new dimensions of expression have entered her art.

“I believe that our purpose in this life is to become ever more authentic, closer to our true selves. It requires personal work to overcome human tendencies to classify and reduce phenomena. Incompleteness and ambiguity are Keys to unlock old ways of seeing and thinking and open our heart. Creativity is a flowing, similar to tides surrendering to lunar and terrestrial gravities.

My process is to surrender to intuition. Like panning for gold, only after immersion can meaning be sifted and finally revealed.”

My current body of work expresses universal energies, exposes childhood experiences, and allows multiple readings. It feels like swimming in warm turquoise waters, inhaling a quiet lavender breeze. Lime wavelets lap over my hands to meet Caribbean blue. Floating above dark weeds populated with reef fish I shudder awake, turning, rolling toward bright pink caps bobbing in the surf.

I dream of a floating world where rising water maintains a delicate balance between precipitation and flood.”